Kara Shaw is compelled to create work that invoke a sense of mystery and ethereal light, she often reflects upon the sublime and expressive beauty of water's poetic introspection. She creates medium to large-scale mixed media paintings that document water and light in all phases of matter.  

Her work has been the subject of multiple group and solo exhibitions.  The artist was the recipient to the Who's Who in Art publication, and selected by the Royal Academy of Arts for a 2015 design competition. Kara's work has been featured in various publications, and many of her paintings hang in the homes of private collectors around the world.

In Shaw's most recent body of work, she documents through through the lens, reflective ethereal light and water from Onion Creek just outside of Austin, Texas and translates those images by painting them onto the canvas. The artist passionately strives to create a visual experience of both spiritual mystery, beauty, and scientific data collection through the use of art. The aim is to speak to an engaged audience about local, national, and international water pollution issues which quietly arrive at the banks of our waterways on a daily basis.  As one of the founding Board of Directors for the non-profit organization Protect Our Water, or POW; Kara Shaw donates a portion of her sales from this body of work to help save the local water.  Shaw is an avid promoter of S.T.E.A.M. education, and is constantly on the hunt for cutting edge wastewater treatment technologies. 

Kara (Vachon) Shaw (American, b. Feb 1973 in Tulsa, Oklahoma) currently lives and works in Driftwood, Texas with her wonderful husband, and two beautiful children.


1973     Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma during an ice


1978     Family moved to Spring, TX

1985     Painted first landscape work of art at

              12 years old

1990     Awarded first place UIL state

               competition.  Painting.

1991     Recipient to the Who's Who in Art,

               High School Edition


              Entered Marymount University, with

              satellite studies at Georgetown University



1993     Private NASA tour, inspired by water

               recycling technology for the future

               International Space Station. 


               Transferred to the Fine Arts/

               Communication Design program at the

               University of North Texas, Denton TX


1994      Sold first large scale commissioned painting


                 Managed Neovations Art Gallery, Dallas TX


1998      Hired with United Airlines.  

                Flight Attendant.  Moved to Chicago, IL


1999-     Began silent interactive art installation titled,

                Reason.  In this body of work, the artist placed

               15 leaflets  of the same poem in random in-flight

               seat back pockets. The poem was written by an

               anonymous author, with a subject that everything

               has a purpose.  The last paragraph was written,

               "Dance like no one is watching, love like

               you've never been hurt." Hundreds of these

              were distributed over a 6 year period.  


               Painted on days off from United Airlines


2001      Purser for flight to the JFK airport.  Flew

               directly over smoldering  ground zero the

               following Tuesday after 9/11.  


2002       Breaking the Full Court Press.  Group

                exhibition.  Art Gallery Kafe.

                Chicago, IL


2003      Met art collector, philanthropist,

               Robert Lehrman on Amtrak during a

               blizzard, in correspondence he encouraged

               the artist to keep painting.


               Kara Vachon.  Solo exhibition.  

              Thirteenth Floor Gallery,

              Chicago, IL


2004      Moved to Austin, Texas

2005     Married Jeff Shaw

2006     Birth of daughter, Mikah Shaw

2007     Birth of son, Canyon Shaw

2008     Continued to paint, building body of work

2011     Family moved in to Driftwood, TX 


2014     Permanent mural for public display at

               Walnut Springs Elementary,

               Dripping Springs, TX


               Commissioned to paint Mikaila Ulmer's,

               Me and the Bees lemonade stand, appearing

               on  ABC's Shark Tank, and traveling to

               locations from The White House to

              Time Square.


2015     Royal Academy of Arts UK online, winning

              entry, shadow box competition, tribute to

              artist Joseph Cornell, and art collector

              Robert Lehrman. 


2016     Expressions of Light. Jed Malitz V2 Gallery,

              New Orleans, LA


             Archives.  Mountain VS Moon Gallery

             Cloudcroft, NM


             Creators Deserve to be Seen Project.

              Chashama Gallery

              4 Time Square

               New York, NY


               One of 4 Founding Board of

               Directors for non-profit, POW

               (Protect Our Water).

2017      Chateau Orquevaux Artist Residency

              18 Grande Rue Orquevaux 52700, France