Every single thing I look at, I imagine how I can capture it with paint.

I am in love with the micro-moments of human reactions. Those moments which cause a person to burst into unexpected laughter with another person, or those moments when a single breath of surprised joy blankets a persons nose and mouth with their own hands, and the only expression revealed are their elated, sparkling eyes (It is almost as if they are trying to capture joy, and savor it, before they have to release it into the world). I even love those solemn reactions, when tears slowly fill up and spill over, and one single drop falls so fast, it doesn't even have the chance to slide down their cheek, or when a person kicks up the dirt left over from defeat. Maybe the dust, which billows up so quickly, is really just trying to embrace that person for comfort. Within each of these delicately brief instances, I rest, and study the light, again, taking a mental record of how I can paint it, because those are occasions where I think God may sit quietly. 

My current body of work is about the search for captivating ethereal light, and reflective water. My style sits between a paradox of realism, and abstraction with the intent of unifying the irony. I usually begin a piece with acrylics, and finish using fine oils. Somehow, I believe, the feathers, the water, and the light; which appear in my work so frequently, are serendipitous to those micro-moments, and maybe that is why I paint them so often. They are symbolic of our growth, transport, wonder, vision, and inquisitive existence.